Words that Stop You in Your Tracks

Sometimes when I am reading, I am so confronted and astounded by the concept that I literally have to put the book down and walk away.

That happened this morning with Bart Ehrman’s God’s Problem:

But there came a time when in my life when I found that I simply could no longer thank God for my food. And the irony is that it was because I came to realize (or, at least, came to think) that if I was thanking God for providing me with my sustenance, and acknowledging that I was fed not because of my own good efforts but because of his gracious actions towards me, then by implication I was saying something about those who didn’t have food. If I have food because God has given it to me, then don’t others lack food because God has chosen not to give it to them?

Surely, there is truth to this when the church doesn’t step in and show something else.