Pulled in Two Directions

Running has become an interesting experience. Willie and I have been running for 6 months together. Waylon and I went on our third run today. Waylon has always run with me and Willie. He’s done pretty well for a new pup and a new pup to running; however, having Willie ready to go and Waylon a little more hesitant means that I am pulled in two directions, literally. 

I’ve felt this in life as I was responsible to different people and time commitments (and blogs), but today was the first time I felt that literally. I had two choices: push ahead or slow down and try to balance the two pups speeds and experience. 

I chose to slow down just a little bit and not to run as far as I planned because I don’t want running to be an experience for Waylon that is miserable. I want him to enjoy it as much as Willie as I do, which means that we have to be understanding as he learns and grows. I am sure he’ll get there. We just have to slow down and enjoy watching him grow!