I’ll admit, I thought it was crazy to even consider a second dog, but now that Waylon and Willie have been brothers for three days I’m sold. There is something about having one dog who knows how you live to explain it to another dog. 

Sure, we are having the some house training accidents and some nervousness about riding in the car just like Willie had, but now there is another dog for Waylon to sit under (literally in this picture!) to learn. 

It’s so funny to watch them live together (currently they are playing tug of war). When they sleep, they now sleep touching in some way and if Waylon starts to whine or whimper, Willie immediately comes over and checks on him. It reminds me that there is a lot about life and nature that I don’t understand. Why do these two who weren’t born in the same litter get along so well? How did we end up with the two of them and how did they end up at the Humane Society? 

There’s so much that happens before these pups entered my life and yet I can’t imagine my life without them now.