Well, I didn’t expect this would happen, but there are actually two pups in my life now. 

With the move to Columbia, Willie lost a lot of his puppy friends. He wasn’t settled. Although we found trails to run on and great neighborhood walks, he was missing the social interactions of another four-legged creature. It was tough to stomach to understand that my two-legged interactions just weren’t enough for him. 

So, we ventured back to the Humane Society and Willie proceeded to explain to me what he needed in a sibling. We tried playing with one pup, but he look at me and said, “Mommy, she’s really loud and she jumps and awful lot.” 

Then, Roper came out. He walked right up to Willie licked his nose and started playing with him. Willie looked at me in the middle of biting his long ears and said, “I like this one Mommy.” 

I started the adoption process with Roper and found out that we could take him home that very day. After two days, the pups are snuggling on the couch, legs intertwined, snores synchronized.

It’s easy to forget that dogs are pack animals because we think as humans we are rescuing them and providing a better home for them, but listening to your animals is as important as listening to the people who are important to you.

Providing for your pup might mean finding a dog park, re-working your schedule or starting the potty training process all over again, but in the end you can see the difference it makes in their lives.