Toddling Grief

Today marks two years living without you here living among us. Like a toddler, my grief rides a roller coaster of emotions – The pure delight of memories filled with fun and celebration. The intense anger at how unfair it is to have to put on shoes and go on as if life continues. The …

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A Prayer for Strength

We confess that we tire of doing justice. It feels like an uphill battle with too few people fighting alongside us. It is hard work! Renew our strength. Show us the light. Give us hope to keep working to bring your ecosystem here on earth.  So that all may be fed, all may be housed, …

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March Again

It’s March again. The month everything changed. When our lives, our livelihoods, were interrupted, disrupted. It’s March again I wonder if we’ll make it through see it through. It’s March again Did we learn? Did we grow? Did we see? Or will it take another pause another stop until we see.

Bearing Grief

Just last week, we hit the unimaginable milestone of losing 250,000 American souls to COVID-19. That’s a quarter of a million people who won’t be here for the holiday season. So many families are bearing grief. So many families who weren’t able to be with their loved on as they passed away. It hasn’t taken …

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Missing Parts

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day looking for one part of a kid’s water bottle I had taken apart to wash. Each time I washed the dishes, I looked for it in the sink, in the dish dryer, and down the disposal. Each time I came up empty handed. As I was …

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How are you Feeling?

In the midst of the global pandemic, we are feeling everything. We are hopeful and happy in one moment only to become distressed and grief-stricken the next moment. We are vacillating between emotions so frequently as we try to find equilibrium that we are exhausted, depleted, and some days even numb. One of the things …

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