Sunday, March 13 Again

This past Sunday was March 13….again.

Two years ago as we gathered for worship in our sanctuary, we lamented and prayed. A global pandemic was sweeping across the world and we still didn’t know how we could stop it. We ended worship with a tearful benediction that God would protect us until we were able to see each other again and worship with each other again.

Only five minutes after our worship concluded, we received notifications that schools were closing. Businesses and workers were divided into essential and non-essential. We were headed into the unknown.

As we gathered together in person to worship on Sunday, March 13 again, there were tears in our eyes. We had seen so much. We had endured so much. We had lost so much. We were not the same people we were on the last Sunday, March 13.

Even as difficult as it was, we prayed in gratitude “Thanks be to God that we are here again. Thanks be to God that we are together again.”

I don’t know how Sunday, March 13 came again so quickly. I don’t know when the next Sunday, March 13 will be.

Before we just move passed this Sunday, March 13, let us remember where we have been and who we have been so that we can open ourselves to the road ahead and the people we will become.