Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday brought the Spring Equinox and the reminder that the light is coming. At a time and place where there is so much violence, the equinox is an invitation to find the glimmers of hope in the new life that is beginning to bloom. In our modern society, we don’t live as in tune with these changing seasons. Modern conveniences have actually separated us from the natural rhythms that invite us to see and hear changing surrounding us.

As we were clearing space in our home to welcome in the new season, our six-year-old said, “Is this Spring cleaning?” I smiled as I answered yes.

He asked, “Why do we do Spring cleaning?”

I didn’t have a ready answer for his question. Wasn’t it just an impulse or a celebration of making it through the winter cold and shadows?

Finally, I answered, “It’s a time to clear out so that we can see how much we have grown and to create space to welcome in the light.”

Spring cleaning isn’t the only response to the equinox. Whatever practice slows you down and invites you to welcome the light back is a good practice to celebrate this new season. Whatever practice allows you to let go of what is impeding your growth or limiting light in your life, release it as the seasons change.

Here comes the Sun and it’s shining hope and new life!