Therapy Thursday: Share the Joy


Last Thursday, Willie had three therapy dogs visits! He went the nursing home as usual. It’s great that more and more of the residents are recognizing us and looking forward to our visits! He also checked in on the people who are in the same office building as our church, including the mail lady. Willie really likes to see her because her truck smells so good.

Then, Willie had his first educational visit with an after school program at Park North Apartments. Park North Apartments are a government subsidies housing facility. They have a small library and computers for residents to come after school so that they have a place to do their homework as well as relax. They are also one of the recipients of our Little Free Libraries, so that students can check out books and take them home to read.

As you can tell by the picture, Willie had a blast. He showed off all his tricks, including sit, down, stay, wait, catch, up, and find. He did tricks when some of the students took the reigns and issued commands as well. His favorite was find where all the kids hold out their fists and he has to sniff out the treats!

As his handler, this was a wonderful experience for me. It was awesome to be able to reconnect with the children where we put the Little Free Library, but there was something even more than that for me. The students I used to teach came from apartment complexes just like this one (except there wasn’t a place where they could hang out after school) and so to be able to come to see them and bring smiles to their faces by sharing Willie’s good spirit and love was awesome.

We love Therapy Thursdays and would be glad to add you to our schedule! Just let us know where and when!