A Cozy Cocoon

As sit on this last day of 2013 trying to allow my body to overcome whatever bug it is currently fighting and enjoy reading other people’s reflections of their year, I thought I’d try the same. To say this year has been full of changes is a gross understatement.

This year I have:

  • become a puppy mom
  • become a pulpit supply preacher
  • gotten engaged
  • learned both Hebrew and Greek (at least partially)
  • become a puppy mom again
  • become a pastor
  • gotten married to the man of my dreams (yes, you can get engaged and married in the same year!)
  • become a mom to two precious daughters
  • become a reverend
  • become a book publisher

Looking at that list, I think the bug I have might be fatigue!

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a year like I have this year, when it seems that you’re life has meaning and purpose. If you have, treasure it, as I will. If you haven’t, tomorrow starts a new year with new hope and new beginnings, make it worthwhile.

As I am nestled here in my cozy cocoon taking it easy, I realize I am blessed to be nestled in a cocoon of love, peace, and hope thanks to a husband who believes in me and continues to support my crazy dreams and a church who dares to be different.

May you soon be nestled in a similar cocoon, so you can open your wings and see the beauty of the world.