Our Shelter Dogs

This Christmas, Sam and I are celebrating with two new members of our family: Willie and Waylon. As we have both watched the ads for adopting puppies, we have almost convinced ourselves that we could take on another one . . . almost : )

Willie on the day we adopted him
Waylon on the day we adopted him

I was just looking at the Barnes and Noble list of suggested books and I was amazed at how many books there were about dogs, but I understand now. I understand the way a dog can transform your life and make you feel more invested in the world around you.

Sure, we are currently missing a piece of our nativity scene and have a trench in our backyard because the puppies decided that our house needed a moat, but it’s those things that are frustrating at the time that make you slow down and wonder about how cool having a moat really would be.

This Christmas, our first as a married couple, we’re excited that there will be slobbering puppies to celebrate with our human families. We have no doubt they will keep things interesting and help us understand more about what Christmas truly means.

On a walk a couple of weeks ago in downtown Columbia
On a walk a couple of weeks ago in downtown Columbia