Switching Gears


Sumerian_26th_c_Adab 2As I started my last semester of classes in seminary, I realized that soon this two-week life will be over. I can actually see the finish line. I can actually count down the number of times I have to commute to school.

It’s surreal.

I have become accustomed to starting my week at seminary and then restarting my week once I make it home; changing from talking about extrabiblical accounts and uses of certain Greek words and phrases to cleaning the church and preparing for Bible study; transforming from student to minister using my car as my phone booth to make the transformation.

That will soon be over and I wonder what life will be like on a daily basis. I hope and pray that it will means serving in a church, but there is still the uncertainty hanging in the air like mistletoe waiting to unite me with a church family. I can’t say that I’ve embraced this waiting very well at all times. Sometimes the uncertainty overwhelms me and paralyzes me, and makes me lose hope that this journey is leading where I thought it was leading.

And other times, like today, I have a sense of sadness that this crazy life I’ve been leading, which is now “normal” will only be a part of my journey rather than my daily life. And even though that’s true, this part of my journey has shaped and molded me, so I think I can be certain that studying Sumerian artifacts and their relationship to Hebrew or Greek will always be a part of my week no matter where I end up.