My Mimi’s Desk

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Last week on ThinkingOutLoud, Elisabeth and I talked about our work space (no not Office Space). I realized that I had more of an abstract working place than a set work space. Because I have been in school for the last three years and working on top of that commitment, work has been squeezed in at any place and any point possible. This wasn’t out of desire as much as out of necessity.

So, what do you do when you transition from one life stage into another? For me, I move furniture.

There’s something about Spring that makes me restless to switch things around. Maybe it’s because of all my years in school and the moving that’s involved in ending the Spring semester and finally having a break or maybe it’s because of my years of teaching where Spring meant cleaning up and closing down or maybe it was my conversation with Elisabeth and seeing her work space that inspired me.

Wherever the inspiration originated, I’m glad it came. I went to my parents’ house on Saturday and dad and I wrestled my grandmother’s secretary down the steps and out of the front door. (My husband gives me a hard time because we always leave the drawers full when we are moving furniture. Apparently, that’s not the most effective moving method!) As we squeezed it into the back of my Subaru, I looked back and thought, yeah this is going to be good.

And as I sit here and type this listening to our service from Sunday as it uploads and sneaking peaks at my favorite books stored in the bookshelves above, there’s something inside me that thinks, I could sit here for hours and write. There’s something magically about sitting at a piece of furniture that I honestly never noticed in my grandmother’s house and knowing that somehow it has made it’s way here to our house in Columbia. It’s not just history, but the story of where this piece has been. It’s the story of me, too.

But for now, that story will have to wait to be written until after graduation!