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Today, it’s the colors

Today it’s the colors,

inviting me

to see clearly.


The brilliant blue of the sky

against the hunter green of the pines –

The unexpected fuchsia of the crepe myrtle

climbing out of the storm drain –

The glistening silver of morning dew

about to evaporate in the blazing summer sun –

The fiery red of the passing cardinal

flying by soft wisps of white clouds –


And a tow-headed toddler

taking it all in.

There’s Something About

There’s something about the rain

that brings people together

huddling under thin awnings

gathering into lobbies

looking out

planning a quick escape.


There’s something about the rain

that refreshes souls and people

reminding us of summer days

running through sprinklers

humbling us

by drenching our hair and clothes.


There’s something about the sun

that warms broken and lonely hearts

demanding we get outside

basking in the light

remembering that a new day dawns.


There something about the sun

that recalls resurrection

transforming us into new creations

asking us to believe in hope and love


After the Rain

After the rain,

the early morning earth

sighs in relief.


Relief –

of having endured

the storm

the thirst

the lack

the absence

the waiting

the wondering,


Wondering –

how long it will be

until the next





The taste

of the cool, clear


On Taking a Different Path

I took a different path today,

not my regular route,

not my regular rut.


Trying to gain new perspective

because even those who examine

and reflect and remember –


Miss things

calling them mundane

instead of miraculous.


The connection

to the world

in a box.


Sun shining

devoid of the shadow

of eclipse.


Birds chiping

on tree branches

creating oxygen


to breathe

to live

to dream.