It’s hard to find time to stop and pause. When the news keeps coming in. The stories of people taken from their homes. Mothers burying their children. It’s hard to find time to stop and pause. When there are deadlines and drop offs. The stories of school days. Children growing up before you eyes. It’s …

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When Light Breaks Through

When light breaks through and the sky lights up, the possibilities begin. When light breaks through, there is an invitation to begin anew. When light breaks through, sorrow and despair fade into hope. When light breaks through, the shadows of uncertainty flee making way for resurrection.

As the Rain Falls

As the rain falls down and the drops chase each other from top to bottom of the windowpane, I wonder how much will accumulate. It’s supposed to be a “wet” summer with lots of rain and flood warnings. Reminding us all of 2015 holes in the roads, people stranded on roofs, everything shut down, non-potable …

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Today, it’s the clouds…

Today, it’s the clouds floating to me the possibility –   that taking sheltering finding rest letting the wind and rain refresh the earth   might just be the best and most important work.

Today, it’s the quiet…

Today it’s the quiet, calming me.   The absence of window AC units, the stillness of morning snuggles. The newness of – not getting ready not getting going not heading to work or school or summer camp.   Today it’s the quiet calming me inviting me to reimagine what is essential.

Today, it’s the colors

Today it’s the colors, inviting me to see clearly.   The brilliant blue of the sky against the hunter green of the pines – The unexpected fuchsia of the crepe myrtle climbing out of the storm drain – The glistening silver of morning dew about to evaporate in the blazing summer sun – The fiery …

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Basking in Morning Light

Chubby hands reaching out to touch the tall grass, Curious feet creating ripples in the still waters.   We basked in the miracle of the ripples the grass the stillness of the morning light.   And then walked on.  


We surprised a snake and he surprised us as he slithered to the shade.   I bowed apologizing for scaring him from the warmth of the morning light.            

There’s Something About

There’s something about the rain that brings people together huddling under thin awnings gathering into lobbies looking out planning a quick escape.   There’s something about the rain that refreshes souls and people reminding us of summer days running through sprinklers humbling us by drenching our hair and clothes.   There’s something about the sun …

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