Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner



I just clicked the validate button on 50,000 words I wrote during the month of November joining scores of other amazing people who do this crazy self-challenge every year. As a newbie, I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement express to someone who had never participated before. I was also especially grateful for the people who patiently explained all the lingo to me, especially Elisbeth who introduced me to this super cool culture and experience.

It took over 15,00o words on the final day (and meals provided by my incredible husband who lovingly kept telling me, “Sit! Write!”), which made me hesitant to claim victory or near victory until every word had been written, but I have the starts of a novel. (Please don’t ask me if it’s good because right now I don’t particularly want to look at it or a screen for quite awhile!) After this experience, I am sure of two things: 1)Writing is seriously hard work. 2)The authors who entrust their manuscripts to me to read, to comment on, and to publish are rockstars.

And now I am going to find some fingers stretches and leg stretches to recover!