Passionate Possibility

This morning as part of my day as a substitute, I was privileged to hear comments from students about the importance of finding your passion and hoping that one day that passion can turn into your job or at least offer you joy in your life.

It was a great reminder whether you were a student or a teacher. For me, it was a chance to be thankful. In the last couple of weeks, I have been overwhelmed with the realization that my life is full of my passions. On Mondays, I get to teach English to a group of international students and afterwards speak German to my student from Germany. On Wednesdays, I get to go check on our Little Free Library at the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community and see if they need more books. On special Wednesdays, we have events like our Fall Festival where I get to help arrange games and food for a community in need, a community so much like the communities my students who I taught in high poverty schools came from. I get to work alongside a community of faith who believes in being the hands and feet of Jesus.

In the other parts of the week, I get to review manuscripts, attend book signings, and sell books. All the while getting to know really awesome authors and help spread their stories to eager readers. On Sundays, we get to worship as a family basking in the gifts and acts of service of our community of faith.

No, no day is the same and my schedule is often unpredictable and uncertain, but there’s nothing I would rather be doing than following my passions and following my call with a husband who believes these two things are truly what life is about and with a community of faith who believes that acting and serving are being the church. When you still the voice of reason and logic and listen instead to the voice of passionate possibility, you never know what might just happen.