Marketing Shift

New forms of labeling students like Common Core, don’t change the underlying assumption: In education, as in society, holding individuals accountable for their actions is a powerful paradigm within a meritocracy. If all is equitable, then human choices and behaviors are more easily assigned in a causational way to individuals. Political and public discourse as …

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Regulate regulations

Really, Congress can’t regulate? Maybe not directly, but certainly indirectly they have! To backtrack: the Common Core State Standards are not federal standards. After all, the U.S. Constitution gives Congress no authority to fund or regulate schools or control curriculum, standards, or policy. But at its annual fall meeting in 2008, after previous informal discussions, …

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Changing Thinking

I do understand that student-centered education is radical at this point in our educational history: Rethinking Schools has been pressing for radical reform of public education and for student-centered, social justice education since we began 25 years ago. But with debate about education policy now sharply politicized and polarized, there are added reasons to look …

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