Bottom of the Totem Pole

If you think that you are the only one battling day in and day out (yes, I know it is summer, but I also know teachers and I know they haven’t stopped battling) for your classroom back, you’re in a bigger fight than you think you are.

Within hours, social media sites buzzed with the battle that was taking place. One website stated, “Pearson advertises itself as the ‘world’s leading learning company’. However, this week the publishing giant became known by far less flattering names: censor, bully, propagandist, child laborer, enemy of education, and corporate profiteer.” Educators from other groups labeled the site and the linked articles as tools of propaganda, designed to fool parents and silence objectors.

Pearson had recently been under-fire for its high stakes tests, test prep materials, and other ed -reform activities and was the subject of a national boycott lead by United Opt Out.
Teachers are struggling and battling with district-wide and school-wide mandates, but they are actually fighting a battle that started in DC. Pearson is throwing its weight around and it certainly has a lot of weight to throw around.
So again teachers are stuck at the bottom of the totem pole hoping that when fall rolls around, they will have not completely lost their classrooms to boxed curriculum sets that districts and schools have purchased over the summer.