How can we manage?

You’re right technology is ruining students:

The students threw away their notebooks and started blogs. These blogs became, in essence, open notebooks in which students were willing to learn in public.

Students in one class put together a blog that was read by more than 8,000 people around the world. (How many people read your essays back in high school?) Commenters began showing a serious interest in what the kids were writing. A college professor from Boston wrote in to tell a 15-year-old boy that a college class was using his paper on ancient Rome as an example of good academic writing

How can we handle students who know that learning is an open-ended pursuit that involves more than just their classroom of students and teachers?

How can we manage their curiosity and ensure that it fits in nice, neat curriculum boxes?

How can we manage to plan next year’s curriculum, when a college professor may comment on their blogs and shift the direction of their interest?

How can we manage?

Because that’s what teaching is, right?

Classroom management.

Managing the classroom.

Student management.

Managing students.