Restless Spirit

I am a runner.

I can say that now that I have run in a number of races and completed two half marathons. Notice I didn’t use an adjective to describe what kind of runner I am. I didn’t say good or fast, but rather just said I am a runner.

I have a nice reminder of completing my first half marathon.

Not a certificate of completion

Not a photo.

Not a medal.

A nagging hamstring.

I’m not sure why it happened or how it happened, but about a week after I completed my first half marathon my hamstring started hurting. I didn’t pull it or tear it, more than likely it’s just a continual strain that is quite persistent.

I’ve tried adjusting my stride, relearning how to fall asleep, water therapy, but nothing seems to cure it. It’s not so bad that I can’t go through my normal day, it’s just doesn’t allow me to get comfortable.

Many people have asked me how I knew that I was called to the ministry. The best way I can describe it is to relate it to my hamstring. My call was something that was deep inside of me that caused me to be restless. I couldn’t get comfortable in any one teaching position. At times I couldn’t sleep at night.

My soul knew there was something more.