Mobile Mystery

Many teachers (and professors from my experience!) are troubled and paralyzed by the mobile mystery.

What do we do with all of these students who have cell phones?

Do we demand that they keep them in their locker?

Do we put a basket out in our classes and take them up?

Do we confiscate them if we hear them or see them and make parents come and pick them up?

Students are learning and playing and communicating with their mobile devices throughout the school day. No school has figured out how to stop that from occurring even with the strictest cell phone policy.

We are playing catch up to the social interactions and learning that takes place in this mysterious mobile realm that schools and teachers can’t access.

And still almost none of the discussions that we are having in schools have to do with how we can include mobiles into the classroom.

It’s time to unlock the mystery and let mobile learning take place in the classroom.