We Are Missing It

Yesterday in class, my laptop died.

We have 30 minutes left in class and with our final quickly approaching, I didn’t want to miss important information.

I use Evernote for all of my class notes, so I knew that I could use my mobile to pick up right where I left off, but I hesitated.

I seriously debated taking out a piece of paper to take notes that I could later transfer into Evernote so that it wouldn’t look like I was texting during class.

Pitiful, right?

Using a mobile device in class or on a date or during a meeting is, according to the John Tess radio show (by the way you should never look up what radio hosts look like!), considered rude.


We are missing it.

Mobile devices are connecting and extending learning beyond the classroom.

We are letting our lack of understanding about what mobile devices can do impede where mobile devices will take us.

We are missing it.