Can our system support change?

Gaming in education is a topic that many educators are exploring, but is it even possible in the education climate that requires so many levels of approval?

There needs to be a momentous change in attitude if this is to become legitimate.  Recently in my university course, I wasn’t there when the topic of Scratch and Alice was discussed.  However, I did have to read the reflection wikis and read comments like “I’m not sure that programming should be taught in school – not every student is going to be a programmer.”  As you can imagine, I did have to take this issue on and share my opinion.  If you extend that logic, not everyone is going to be a mathematician so why do we teach everyone mathematics?  Not everyone is going to be a historian, why do we teach everyone history?

If we don’t have a system that can support change within the school year, then are schools set up as they should be?