Apps I use and why

Happy 1 year old Birthday, iPad!

I remember because I bought my iPad in April last year (when I actually got a tax refund…being a teacher without a classroom gets pretty expensive come April 17!).

I am surprised at how many of the apps I have been using since day 1 and use almost daily.

  • Evernote: There is no way that I could do through a day without it!
  • Tweetbot: Now I know that the Twitter app has improved and that it doesn’t crash like it used to, but Tweetbot has consistently added new touches and new tweaks that have made it smoother and easier to use.
  • iBooks and Kindle: simply the best two apps for e-reading in my opinion.
  • Dropbox: Basically, keeps my life together.

What I’ve let go of in the past year:

  • ¬†Instagram: Sorry, you just got worse over the year.
  • Reeder: Sorry, Flipboard is just plain better.
  • Notetaker: Sorry, Simplenote and Notability do it better.

It’s always good to do an inventory of apps that you use and why. It doesn’t help your mobile experience if you are so dead set on the apps you got when you first bought your mobile device, that you aren’t willing to browse to see if there is one that does what you need better. Happy apping!