“Let’s just pretend,” is how I started my presentation two weeks ago in my Life and Work of the Minister class. I decided to start with that because my book was about considering a change in your ministry position.

For some reason, it’s almost impossible for us, as adults, to talk reasonably through the ideas and dreams that we hold deep within us. It’s almost impossible for us to let those loose. It’s almost impossible for us to dream of getting up everyday and doing something that we absolutely love.

So we have to pretend that’s not a possibility and proclaim loudly, “No one does what they love.”

Which makes perfect sense, except…some people do.

So actually what is standing in between you and doing what you love to do is:

So much pretending, so much big pretending.

Ze Frank never thought that he would be making ashow:

As a child, I was pretending that I fit into the rules and structures of this world. And now that I’m an adult I pretend that those structures exist.

So let’s pretend that we are valuable and we are changing lives.  And maybe just maybe, others will stop pretending that we aren’t.