I know you’re tired

I know you’re tired.

I know the weight of the school year and the expectations to increase students’ test scores has felt like a an unbearable burden that you weren’t trained to bear. I know that there has been more negative feedback than positive feedback.

You are making a difference step by step in your students’ lives. You are showing them that they are worth your care and concern, no matter what their test scores say. You are demonstrating that they are more than a test score or a MAP data range by talking and interacting with them, by putting bandaids on their scrapped knees. You care.

I know you’re tired, but don’t give up. You can make it through this year.

And when you do, we’ll spend the summer hoping that things are changed and that next year you’re weight won’t be quite so burdensome to bear.

We’ll hope. We’ll dream. Together.