More charter schools

It isn’t a coincidence that charter schools keeping showing up:

The reading passage on the test was a paean to charter schools, with pie charts and bullet points, all intended to show that charters were decidedly superior to the public schools in which the test-taking students were enrolled. It even had the nerve to identify a presumably fictional “multimillionaire” who enrolled his own children in a charter school. It would be interesting to know if there are any real-life multi-millionaires who have done so. I guess that the folks who wrote the test passage didn’t know that charters are supposed to be “saving” poor kids from failing schools, although not many of them do that.

How long will it take us as educators to use the observational skills that we are teaching our students?

This summer more might change then our students growing up and our getting more rest. This summer might just show more charter schools opening and more money being spent on scholarships for students to attend charter schools. What does that mean for you and your school?