Value-Added teacher evaluation is not the only option

A novel approach:

We address these two questions by analyzing school-district data from grades 3–8 for 2.5 million children, linked to information on their outcomes as young adults and the characteristics of their parents. We find that teacher VA measures both work and matter.

Actually evaluating teachers based on their students effectiveness of success in the real world. It is amazing to me that this approach is innovative. Isn’t that the goal of education? Aren’t we striving to help students realize who they are as individuals and what they have to offer to the greater community that is our society?

Reading articles and studies like this reminds me that at times we need to back and think through what we are encouraging and what we are subtly teaching students is the most important reason for learning.

If it’s not to participate in a great community and to interact with the members or the community, then will our community survive?