A Different Road


So, my training regiment has changed a bit because I’ve become a puppy owner! I have to say it is a wonderful experience to be reminded of how new trails are to those who are first encountering them and to be amazed with Willie at bikes as they zoom by and even to be frightened with him at the sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo. 

It takes patience though because little man can’t go as far or as long as I am used to going and I certainly have to be careful about running only short distances with him since he is growing so much right now. It would be easy to get frustrated with this “setbacks,” especially as I am looking to run some longer races this Spring, but I want him to be able to run with me when he gets older and so now, I have to spend the time to train him to stop at crosswalks and to sit when another dogs passes. 

I take the time because I have been pulled into a lake running with an adult dog who maybe wasn’t as used to running as I thought!

It’s a good reminder for me in my training. Take the time now to training properly, so in the long run you can accomplish your goal.