It’s hard to do yoga with a puppy in your lap

Since I have started back my Monday/Tuesday commuting, I am trying to be more diligent about supporting my running and cardio training with yoga. By November of last year, I was nursing a pulled hamstring again and I have no doubt (not only because the massage therapist told me) that it was because I was concentrating on training, but not maintaining. 

Even the longest, most intense training schedule will have days off, but these days off always include stretching or yoga suggestions. Why I thought I was the one unique runner that didn’t need that support is beyond me!

Since we are still leash training and since Willie is so young, when I take my runs I am still a lone ranger, so when I get back he is ready to play. This makes me yoga cool down routine a little tougher since he wants to sit in my lap or lick my ear or use the jacket that I was planning to use as a yoga mat (I really should buy one of those!) as his next napping spot. 

I’m not complaining! It’s nice to have a trainer who is more interested in lovingly lick you ears than one who is yelling in your ears! 

Yoga Beginner Kit

Yoga Beginner Kit

Maybe I’ll try this out to increase my commitment to yoga. Gaim is good for yoga, right?
Price: $24.44