Running Together

My last two runs have been group runs and I have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised. Because running is time of reflection and refreshing for me, I hardly ask people to run with me. It’s almost sacred time. 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t accept invitations! 

So this weekend, four of us ran together and we all agreed that our pace and time were better and more consistent. We also agreed that we were able to fun further because we had people beside us. 

And then yesterday, I met my running buddy from school and we were able to run. My pace is always faster when I run with her! 

It makes me wonder if training and running is more of a communal sport than an individual sport as people often claim. Maybe, running isn’t just about the solitary act, but rather the community that forms on paths and trails and at the running shop. Maybe that’s why we don’t give up and get up to run…because we know there are others doing the exact same thing.