It’s amazing to realize how comfortable you become in the keyboard shortcuts and little nuances involved in a particular computing experience. You don’t realize that you know longer know how to cut and paste or type in a different language until you try to use what you already know on a new device.

So, I have to call myself still awkward at using my Chromebook. I still don’t know how to shortcut many of the minute by minute operations, but what I haven’t had to do is reset my whole life.

Do you know what I mean? Before when I have gotten a new Apple, I’ve had to reset almost every password that was saved in my Chrome history. I’ve had to reset all my bookmarks and my settings, but when I opened Chrome for the first time on my Chromebook for the first time that was all there.

It seems obvious that the transition to a new device in 2013 should be seamless rather than tedious, but it seems Chromebooks are the only ones to have figured that out.