Not scared anymore!

It’s amazing how time flies. I know that we all say this and we are all brought to a standstill at times being reminded of this, but I have to say this afternoon made me rethink how I spend my time. 

I rush around and worry about getting things done that really could wait for tomorrow. I put things like laundry and grocery shopping at the top of the list while friends and family I love get backseated. 

How did this realization come? On a hike with my puppy who won’t be a puppy much longer. We went back to Biltmore and did the same trail and hike that so intimidated him because of the many bridges, stairs and grates. Today, he didn’t hesitation to take on the stairs, walk around the grates and gallop through the stream when the bridge was a little too steep for him. 

He’s lost his puppy fear and is jumping head first into adolescence, yes even if that means running into the door frame or being splattered with mud in an unexpected puddle. He finds these little surprises to be the most fun he has ever experienced and he can’t wait for the next one. 

I have no doubt that I will never forget his trembling when I came to pick him up from the shelter, but I am glad he has. 

Willie 4 months, Sunday afternoon at Biltmore
Willie 4 months, Sunday afternoon at Biltmore