Schedule Stickler


I don’t know how he knows, but Willie knows what day it is and what we usually do on those days. I am not sure I purposefully created some of these schedules, but if they change, then he gets off. It’s crazy to think that within a couple of weeks you can train a puppy (or maybe the puppy is training you) to predict and anticipate what comes next, but I did. 

He knew that Wednesday were Biltmore hiking days and so when we didn’t get to go yesterday because I was out of town, he knew something wasn’t right. Even though I took him today, I am pretty sure, he is going to be off for a bit. 

He can feel and tell when something is different in me, in the house, in the yard, in the air. Those senses are incredible and also hard to deter. I guess, we’ll see if the rest of the day calms down a bit.