Learning to Walk Together

Christmas Pups

Santa brought the pups (and their running buddy!) a new splitter leash. The leash goes around my waist and then the pups share one leash so that they aren’t dragging me in two different directions. We tried it out this morning and it was so funny to watch Willie and Waylon’s face as they tried to work together to get where they wanted to go.

Willie enjoys a more leisurely walk and staying behind his human just one step while Waylon wants to be the leader and pick the path we are all going to take. Needless to say, they both had to readjust with this new leash. They have to work out staying together and going at about the same pace.

It was great for me because I was able to enjoy the walk rather than being pulled unexpectedly and almost falling and as they walked, I realized it was probably very frustrating for them because they were both used to having their own leash and their own pace. As they got the hang of it, there were little signs that they actually liked this way of walking better because it meant they had someone from their own pack close by. They licked each other’s ears and nuzzled each other as they walked as if to say, hey thanks for walking with me.

It’s what I have been trying to learn as a wife and a pastor as well. Having someone who loves you and understands you to walk through life every day is incredible and knowing that when you get a little tired or a little off course, that person will guide you back and center you on where you are headed. Having a whole pack of people who are willing to walk with you as you learn and grow how to be a pastor nudging you along and helping you from what they have learned is awesome.

It’s when we take off on our own forgetting the people who are walking together with us that we find ourselves lost and alone. It’s going to take Willie and Waylon and me awhile to get used to the splitter leash, but when we hit our stride, there’s nothing that can stop us!