A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

ThanksgivingIn the age of digitization of practically everything, I’ve realized that the one thing I don’t do is print out pictures.

I text pictures. I email pictures. I post pictures.

I frame pictures, and then promptly give them to family as presents.

If there is a correlation to a kids’ literary development based on the number of books they see in the home, then certainly there is some correlation between a child seeing a picture of their family, their parents and themselves in the home and their identity.

This was hard for us at first because we didn’t have any family pictures. We took tons of pictures of our girls and our dogs, but we almost never took pictures of all of us together. And that’s important even when your kids have two parents and two houses and two families.

You don’t have to leave yourself out of the picture. I’m convinced that our girls need to know that our house is their house and our family is their family no matter where they are.

What better way to tell them that than with a picture?