Glitter Carpet

At our church, each family takes turns cleaning the church. This week, we all worked together, so I found myself in our nursery vacuuming glitter from the snowflake ornaments the class made in Sunday School. Our girls are a part of that class and I thought about how thankful I am for a congregation that has embraced our family so fully.

Our girls are creating memories and relationships with our church members who have take terms offering them Sunday School, which allows Sam to be a part of the teaching rotation and they have volunteers who have signed up for Extended Session, so that I can preach and concentrate on being pastor during the worship hour. It is truly a blessing, but for me this experience is more than that.

Being a part of a church where everyone takes part in cleaning up and teaching Sunday School and volunteering in the nursery and reading scripture is really how I picture the first followers of the Way gathering in the New Testament. Coming together and sharing materials, food, and fellowship where everyone participates and takes turns providing what they can brings a sense of equality and shared investment to church life.

As a new pastor, I can’t help but be grateful. I know I wouldn’t have been able to step into this identity of pastor without a community to surround and support our family.

To be honest, I might have left a little glitter in the carpet so I could be reminded of this often : )