On the Road Again, Again

After I wrote the post yesterday, I got in my car after class to make the drive home. The first song that came on was Willie’s Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” There was a moment where I just laughed, I had to because the moment we speak what we are thinking there are bound to be moments like these that happen.

The fascinating thing is that if we don’t share our thoughts and our experiences with others, then there’s no one to write a follow up post to, to say, “Kinda crazy, huh?” I think all of us desire to know that we are not alone in this world. Whether that comes in the form of a four-legged creature or whether that comes in the affirmation from friends that what we wrote, what we said, what we did meant something. The search to make our time on this earth into something meaningful is overwhelming at times, but when we can share our experiences with each other, but even more so, those little peeks we get into a world and a being far greater than us, then we are truly offering a bigger picture.

Whether you believe my hearing Willie Nelson’s song again is a testament that the divine is in the world or a series of choices about when people travel and would enjoy hearing a song about traveling, I’m glad I shared because if I hadn’t, these words would only be for me.