On the Road Again

Last week as I was driving onto campus, the radio station happened to play Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” As I fought the fatigue of my Monday morning commute, I couldn’t help but readjust my attitude to realize the great privilege I have had in pursuing seminary. To be certain, the journey has not been easy nor without its uncertainty, but the neither has Willie’s, right?

I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t some churches and pastors who have been in this field much longer than I have who are experiencing the same thing this Holy Week. Here we are, on the road again to the cross, how can I make this fresh to my congregation? How can I experience anew the wonder of the cross?

Maybe, if we approach the road to the cross with the anticipation that is evident in Willie’s voice as he sings about going on tour again, our passion for the Passion of Christ would be revived. Or perhaps if we had a band of other minister with which we were more willing to travel this journey of Holy Week with, our eyes would be open to the creative power of being in fellowship with others.