Therapy Thursday: Porch Sitting

It’s funny to me that Willie and I started off the day with him sitting on our porch waiting for me to get the backseat ready for him to ride. Then, when we got to Mr. J, we ended up sitting on the porch with him. We sat next to him and Willie settled at his feet looking out over the parking lot and making sure to keep an eye on the people coming and going.

On the Lookout

Ms. C came out in her wheelchair a little while later and asked if Willie was a friendly dog. When I said yes, she asked if she could pet him. I responded with of course! Willie responded by wagging his tail and turning around so she could scratch his haunches. Ms. C said she used to have a dog just like Willie whose ears would stand up just like Willie’s. It was great to be able to talk to her and tell her about how we got Willie.

Mr. J chimed in that if we could train Willie to be a seeing-eye dog, he’d like to go on walks with him instead of his walker. You never can tell what’s ahead, but Willie was certainly glad to see Mr. J today and make sure he was doing alright. Willie was also glad to sit out on a different porch and be the greeting committee and the come back soon committee.