On Having to Ask for Help Again and Again

As the third trimester gets closer and closer, I find myself in need of help more and more often whether that is trying to lift something or just needing to rest more. It’s not been an easy process for me. I watched Sam move piece of furniture after piece of furniture over the past two weeks as we rearrange our home to include room for Baby H. It was humbling to watch his dedication to our family and to our son and not be able to offer help. I felt lost

Before I was a minister, I was a teacher: two helping professions, so not being able to help others and having to ask for help instead is against my natural inclinations. I know that I have to change my perspectives so that I can help our baby grow and grow strong and that has asked me to analyze and reflect on who I am at the core of my being.

Maybe that’s what it means to be a parent though. Maybe this is just practice for asking for help again and again as we try to raise a child in this crazy, ever-changing world.