Mary Poppins and Shifting Winds

There’s something in the air now that the seasons have changed. It is a cooler air and the wind is moving the air more quickly, but there’s something else that’s there.¬†Something that hasn’t been a part of Fall before.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been in a group or in a restaurant and suddenly the air just shifts?

That’s the kind of feeling the last two mornings have had. It reminds me of the Mary Poppins when she flies in on the air and whisks away all of the other candidates for the nanny position. Something is coming. The winds are shifting.

You may think I mean that we are coming to the end of this “new normal” or that I mean the coming election season, but it’s deeper than that more soulful than that. This is something that is shifting within people pulling them towards meaningful and intentional living. It’s almost as if we are tired of the game of charades we usually play. Tired of not being real. We just don’t have the energy for manifesting those personas with everything else we are trying to balance.

Maybe it’s settling into who we are remembering that no of us are guaranteed tomorrow? Maybe it’s the collective grief of losing over 200,000 neighbors? Maybe it’s the promise that things are changing?

Something’s in the air.