October Skies

I know that the season is changing in South Carolina when the skies start to change. We head to school in the rising sun and the play outside until the sun begins to set.

It may sound routine, but the colors in the October skies are anything but routine. They are stop-you-in-your-track kind of skies. They seem to scream with reds and oranges and yellows that match the falling leaves. All around is the reminder, “Pay attention!”

These October skies are getting to me even more this year. Their magic and invitation to relish this season and remember as many details as possible pull at not only my mind but my heart.

There’s so much about life that is extraordinary. Not just the rising and setting sun, but the inspiration and revelation of kindergartners and toddlers even when they seem absurd. These are the moments that make up life. These are the moments that remind us that are we are all interconnected and interdependent.

Look up to the skies! Pay attention, so life doesn’t pass you by!