What Made the Moving Box

Now that we are settling in to our new house, there has been more than once where I have looked at Sam or he has looked at me and we have asked, “How did that make the moving box?” It wasn’t something we needed or intended to move with us. It was something that was at the bottom of another box and just got brought along on the journey.

As I have thought about that, I have wondered how many things we are carrying along that we never intended to make the moving box. Are there beliefs or words someone has said to us that have just been buried at the bottom of our consciousness or memories? Are there thoughts or images of ourselves we have moved from one place to another without actually opening them to decide whether they fit us?

Again and again I am reminded there is so much that can attach to our minds, hearts, and souls: words, memories, ideas, assumptions, beliefs, mantras. All of them impact how we see the world, how we see ourselves, and how we understand the Divine. And they will keep impacting our perspective and our reality if we don’t take time to examine and decide whether they are moving on with us or whether they are moving out.

As the moon wanes and empties, it is the perfect time to clean out. Cleaning out is really a cleansing ritual reminding us that we are constantly changing. We are not the people we were even yesterday because this is the nature of our physical bodies. We are not the people we were just minutes ago. So what do you want to make come with you on this next day? This next month? This next year?

When we take the time and intention to look and choose, then we are growing and changing into new creations. We are enacting the transformation that is possible because of the resurrection.

It’s time to pack some boxes and head to the donation center because these certainly won’t make the moving box next time.