Burning Low

Last year during Advent, I released my first book called Morning Light and what I discovered was when you send the light out, light returns to you. My favorite reminder of this was the candles I received. These candles have anchored this past year reminding me that when we open ourselves to finding the light, the light is revealed.

Now a year later, those candles are burning low. In the midst of uncertainty and the shadow of the presence of a continuing pandemic, I have needed more and more light. I noticed as I lit the candles, there was something that happened over time. Although the flame was just as bright as when I first lit the candle, the illuminated part of the candle dipped lower and lower. Each time I lit it, the candle burned brighter and deeper. Now a year later, the candle is at it wick’s end.

I think we all are at our wick’s end (or wit’s end). We have had to dig deeper and burn brighter in the midst of the constant shadow of uncertainty. We have had to dig deep within our soul’s well to find hope and peace and joy when there is so much death and grief and hopeless around us.

And it’s not over yet.

We are headed into a new year and as much as we had hoped and prayed that it would be a year without the presence of a pandemic, we were reminded this week that won’t be the case. If there has ever been a time when we need the good news, it is now.

Thanks be to God, the light is coming!