Weighted Hope

As I walked into the sanctuary this morning, I realized I had accidentally left on the lights behind our stained glass windows. As I looked closer, I checked in our “hope” window. We’ve been watching that window because it’s started to teeter a bit. The weight of the biggest stain glass is showing the impact on the wooden frame.

As I looked again, I wondered if this wasn’t the perfect picture for Advent this year: weighted hope. Hope weighted down with expectations after a year of not being able worship together last year. Hope weighted down with grief of not having loved ones walking with this season. Hope weighted down with exhaustion after so many long months of pandemic living. Hope weighted down with the hustle our culture continues to sell us this season.

And hope waited. Isn’t that what Advent is after all? Hope waiting and waiting on hope?

We watch and wait for hope to come again and dwell among us. We dig to the very deepest parts of our souls this season to find hope that Christ will come again. We prepare with uncertainty waiting to see whether hope will come walk with us.

We already have a call in to have someone come and repair our window. Until then, we wait with weighted hope.