Packed and Ready

I thought it was silly to add a lunchbox for our two-year-old and for me when they ad popped up. It was a split second decision, one of those late night online shopping choices that I would probably question in the morning light.

When they came in, we were in the middle of homeschooling during a pandemic. I had convinced myself we would use them for car picnics or maybe that we would eat outside in the backyard on the blanket. Maybe we would go somewhere with someone at some point.

The reality was we were eating every meal at home. We weren’t going anywhere. I bought them because I hoped one day our life would be “normal” again.

As I rushed around trying to make sure everyone had shoes and water bottles, I glanced at the counter. Four lunches packed and ready for a day of Physics, kindergarten, preschool, and substitute teaching in second grade. Even in the midst of trying to get out the door, I stopped for just a minute, gratitude washing over me.

Today, we got to use the lunchboxes not for a car picnic, but for school. Another hope realized.

Sometimes we are moving so fast we miss answered prayer hiding in the most ordinary things like lunchboxes packed and ready for a day of learning.