Over the past two weeks, we have attended graduations, celebrations, and end-of-the-year school events. There are some Springs that are filled with the gentle breeze of changing seasons. There are other Springs that are explosions of new life and transformation. For us, this Spring has been the latter. Big events and big changes for more than one kid and more than one aspect of our lives.

Even as we come to the end of the official celebrations, there are other big things happening. Our three-year-old learned to ride a bike with training wheels meaning we are hands-free with no stroller to push for the first time in a very long time.

Sometimes time passes slowly in the way that the summer sun lingers long after bedtime and bathtime. Sometimes it seems as though time has hit fast forward and we are trying to keep up. Sometimes you experience one day of time speeding by and another of time lingering.

For now, as we start summer, I want to bask in the summer sun and remember this time of transition before the next one comes along.