Summer Rhythm

Last summer was filled with house showings, packing boxes, and delivering donations and we never got to settle into the slower mornings and lingering light of summer. This summer, we were in a new city and a new house for the first time in eight years and it took us a while to find our summer rhythm. Now that we are days away from starting school, I find myself for the break and rest and time together.

As we move into a new school year rhythm, I am taking this summer rhythm with me. I know that once that new school rhythm starts pulsing, it will be difficult to find the time and place to slow down. Like the waves flowing back and forth, I don’t want to ever tune out what our souls need: time to rest, time to linger, time to notice.

So maybe I won’t put the swim bag away just yet even though the pool is already closed. Maybe, I won’t put away our flip-flops. Maybe I will keep the summer snack bin filled a little longer.

Maybe that summer sun and summer vibe will carry us into a new way of living this fall.