Voices of Power

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining together with a group of obstetricians who were testifying before the SC Senate Medical Affairs committee. They were sharing their experiences about the impact legislation has on their ability to care for their patients. I was sharing how legislation often impacts my ability to guide and walk with people who are experiencing traumatic and very difficult decisions.

As I sat in the chambers waiting next to these voices of power, I was struck by how few women were on the committee. Here was the group of legislators who were hearing testimonies from woman after woman and yet there were women who would ultimately get to cast a vote come September.

When we don’t listen to voices of power and expertise, we begin to think we understand how the world works. In reality, an echo chamber is created reverberating the same perspective again and again. Even as the Senate and House in South Carolina debate with very few voices from women, our society is depending on women to take care of the children and lives in South Carolina. 81% of teachers in South Carolina are women. 93% of nurses in South Carolina are women. 16% of legislators in South Carolina are women. These statistics are telling.

May we not forget that our voices and our stories are powerful. May God grant us the courage to stand up to positions of power and echo chambers.