When Darkness Lingers

We have made it through the darkest night. Slowly, day by day, we will begin to add light to our days from here on. Even as we know this in our minds, what do we when darkness lingers?

For many, this Christmas season brings the first one without a loved one or with a new tradition, or with a new job that limits time with friends and families. For many more, this Christmas will be spent alone because of sickness. The celebration of the Light of the World coming into the world feels a little dimmer for so many this year.

When darkness lingers, we can start to feel as if we are alone. It seems like everyone around us celebrating and enjoying the holiday season when we can’t seem to shake off the shadow of wishing life was as it used to be. We are living through tumultuous change. We are now accustomed to not knowing whether the plans we made will be canceled or altered because of sickness. We are living in the unknown.

Even when darkness lingers, the Light of the World comes to live among us.

Even when darkness lingers, hope interrupts and disrupts our world.

Even when darkness lingers, joy and peace call us to rest in the assurance, something more is coming.

Even when darkness lingers, we can find each other wandering and wondering when the light will reveal itself not just to our minds, but to our souls.